I am Prince Vegeta, a Saiyan elite! If you know what's best for you, I suggest doing what I say unless you heavily enjoy pain.

AU seven year old Vegeta, independent. Please read rules page.

Proud Prince
Status: Normal. No injuries.
Magic anon: None.




Cool, so does that mean I can slam you into that wall behind you and you can pay for the damages? I am a minor, after all, how am I supposed to pay for it myself? Vegeta asked, silently laughing.

Brows furrowing and chucking at the thought of such a tiny being being able to overpower him Tony nodded. “If you were able to do so, of course,” he answered. “I live with a Hulk kid, you could tear this place apart in a battle and I wouldn’t be surprised.” 

Vegeta stepped closer. Oh, is that so?

And with a chuckle, the boy gave Tony’s leg a single flick of his tail.

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