I am Prince Vegeta, a Saiyan elite! If you know what's best for you, I suggest doing what I say unless you heavily enjoy pain.

AU seven year old Vegeta, independent. Please read rules page.

Proud Prince
Status: Normal. No injuries.
Magic anon: None.




Vegeta retracted his tail behind his cape as soon as he knew something was up with this guy.

No, stop, there’s no need to fight back. The boy remarked, holding his hands up in front of his face. I don’t think things can get much uglier than that suit! He smirked, hoping to provoke him with that little statement. Oh how he loved taunting his opponents into making the first move.

Tony lowered his hand, defensive stance standing down, before his face scrunched up in anger at Vegeta’s second statement. With a fumed growl and a clink, the faceplate was down, palm raised once again, this time actually shooting in the Saiyans direction. “Com’ere you little shit!“ 

And the boy took off, away from the line of fire, displaying excellent agility. He skidded across the floor and fired a small blast in Tony’s direction.

Well, I guess it can get even uglier, considering your suit’s going to be torn to shreds by the time I’m done with it! He yelled, cackling in at super high pitch.

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